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Supercharge your productivity with AI powered robotic process automation.

Cut operating costs, boost productivity and maintain consistency in your work-flows with purpose-built Artificial Intelligence powered robotic process automation (RPA) solutions by Heitech Software Solutions.


Say goodbye to human error once and for all.

Our advanced AI powered RPA solutions give your business the tools it needs to put basic business processes on auto-pilot. Reduce manual handling, minimize errors, and improve overall visibility with HeitechSoft.

We create, train, fine tune and deploy artificial intelligence RPA solutions that empower your business processes, so your teams can focus on tasks that matter the most.

Our Services

  • Integrations Solutions

    Integrations Solutions

    We assess and ensure your essential systems are communicating, and your data is flowing with customized integrations solutions that focus on your business objectives.

  • RPA Proof of Concept Services

    AI RPA Proof of Concept Services

    We help you automate seamlessly by analyzing your business, creating mock-ups, short-term engagements, and feasibility studies to validate an idea before development and implementation.

  • Modernize Legacy Systems

    Modernize Legacy Systems

    Meet the growing demands of your customers without total replacement. Fill the gaps between you and your competitors with new features and enhanced scalability.

  • Business Process Assessment

    Business Process Assessment

    We take the time to learn how you work. We deliver high-quality processes that improve your work-flows, lower costs, and improve operational efficiency at all levels.

Why implement your next automation solution with HeitechSoft?

  • Elevate productivity by eliminating manual tasks.

    Save time and money while improving job satisfaction and processing times. Eliminate time-consuming manual tasks to free up teams to focus on other key areas of the business.

  • Future-proof your processes with flexible scalability.

    Automate with resilience in mind. Lay the technical foundation for total scalability across your everyday business work-flows with solutions that learn as you grow.

  • Stay compliant with detailed audit trails.

    Know what’s happening within your organization at all times. Maintain secure collaboration with external parties while maximizing internal security with detailed audit logs.

  • Tap into technical expertise when you need it.

    We believe in building long-term partnerships. We work to create and support our AI RPA solutions that focus on creating sustainable growth—because your success is our success.

  • Integrate your core systems.

    Stop shuffling back and forth between incompatible interfaces. Streamline your business processes with integration solutions that bridge the gap between the platforms you rely on.

Embrace the future of work with HeitechSoft

Discover what Artificial Intelligence automation can do for you

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