IOT Solution

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We’re building the IOT ecosystem of tomorrow.

Expand the capabilities of your IoT systems with HeitechSoft.

Are your IOT devices spread across multiple locations? Make your life easier with a centralized view of your deployments that does more than just collect data.

Manage your devices from afar with real-time monitoring and automation. Maximize efficiency, accelerate decision making, and cut costs with HeitechSoft.


Unlock new value with the IOT edge.

Simplify highly distributed devices under one powerful roof. Our multimeter IOT solution lets you take full advantage of connected intelligence, letting you make better decisions with the data you collect.

Our Services

  • Extended Reach

    Extended Reach

    Don’t waste time and money managing individual devices. Track, enable, and operate a diverse range of IOT devices from afar with our robust all-in-one platform.

  • Total Visibility

    Total Visibility

    Gain complete oversight over your network. Quick and efficient troubleshooting minimizes downtime and improves your customer experience.

  • Actionable Insights

    Actionable Insights

    Improve business outcomes with better network visibility. Continuously enhance the efficiency of your operations with our IOT management platform.

  • End-to-End Security

    End-to-End Security

    Protect your business from all angles. Monitor, anticipate, and mitigate potential threats with our enhanced IOT security services.

  • Backend Only

    Backend Only

    Meet your digital marketing needs with our backend-only IOT solution. Build brand recognition and empower your customer experience with HeitechSoft.

  • Service and Support

    Service and Support

    Partner with a trusted team of IOT developers. Get the support you need to make sure your IOT network is up and running as fast as possible.

See what our IOT platform can do for you.

Transform your business with an innovative IOT solution.

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