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Our Real Struggle: Rising Against the GPU Crisis

Here at HeitechSoft, we thrive on the challenges that have come our way, even the most recent GPU shortage that admittedly, threw us off a bit. We immediately felt the strain of the very resource that fuels our AI projects along with our current resources, timelines and rightfully so, your expectations. 


The GPU shortage has not only affected individual consumers, but also businesses that rely on these components to power their operations. We want to bring awareness to this issue and examine the impact of the shortage on small and medium businesses like ours and our customers and to reassure you that we are still committed to the businesses we work with despite this setback. 

When the pandemic set in along with the boom of cryptocurrency stock, the means to finding and buying a GPU became a nightmare, Nvidia and AMD graphics cards prices tripled and finding a decent one for a good price became next to impossible. The perfect storm of a limited supply, exceeding demand and expansion of the market has had buyers locked out for more than a full year. And now the AI boom has set in motion another GPU shortage, with every tech company on a global scale scrambling to put AI into every app they develop along with lingering manufacturing difficulties that have called for pandemic level shortages. Currently, Nvidia leads the market selling 60-70% of the global AI server chips in which it sold $10.3 billion worth of data center GPUs (Dave par. 4). 

Small companies such as ours are trying to come up with innovative ways to work around this shortage such as finding ways to cut back on GPU, some are pooling cash to ensure their users aren’t left stranded, others are opting refitting their programs for alternate AI chips to train their AI software on such as Trainium and Inferentia (Dave par. 9). 

Although we increasingly feel the effect of being “GPU Poor,” we are still as committed as ever to helping you and your business be more efficient through our solutions from AI Business Analysis, to end-to-end AI solutions and introducing chatbots and other business software to make your business easier to run. We have not lost sight of our goal and despite our setbacks, have been reinvigorated to ensure that our dream of making AI affordable and accessible to all comes to life. We will continue to make it our goal and mission to bring our AI solutions to you so your business can keep up with the demands of your customers with ease.

HeitechSoft understands and sees the struggles but we choose to view them more as opportunities. We see everyday opportunities to be more innovative, to rethink and question more traditional methods, and to ensure our products are the highest of quality while being delivered in a way that you know we’ve always kept you and your business in mind throughout the whole process, even when we’re crunching time, having resource scarcity and any other setbacks come our way. 

We want you to know that despite these challenges, hurdles and roadblocks that come our way, it will not stop us from providing the unparalleled AI solutions you need. Always know that when you’re choosing HeitechSoft, you are choosing a team who will not only put you first but one that envisions a bright AI-driven future that barrels ahead in the face of its challenges. 

At HeitechSoft, we believe that even in scarcity, there’s room for Excellence and we want you to be a part of it.

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