By tomheiber 05/24/2023

Unlocking the Power of AI on Consumer Hardware - State of Local AI, May 2023

The post explores the power and limitations of using local AI models on consumer-grade hardware, focusing on the capabilities of various open-source models, the significance of model size and context size, and the importance of maintaining AI neutrality. It concludes by outlining future plans for model fine-tuning, memory storage integration, and the exploration of text-to-speech models....Read more

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By tomheiber 05/03/2023

Introducing AIdeaBox Mark 1: "Adam" - Our Powerful AI Workstation to Empower Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Heitech Software Solutions proudly introduces AIdeaBox Mark 1, aka "Adam", a powerful AI workstation designed to empower entrepreneurs and small businesses. Equipped with a cutting-edge components, Adam is set to revolutionize the way businesses harness AI technology. Explore the advanced features of this state-of-the-art workstation in our latest blog post and join us on this exciting journey as we redefine what's possible for businesses of all sizes....Read more

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By tomheiber 04/12/2023

🏁 Revolutionizing Motorsports with RevDash: A Groundbreaking Automotive Interface for Real-Time Racing Telemetry 🏎️

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