By tomheiber 10/20/2021

Heitech Software Solutions Now Accepting Popular Cryptocurrencies as Payment

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Heitech Software Solutions Now Accepting Popular Cryptocurrencies as Payment

Heitech Software Solutions is proud to announce that it will now accept payments in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Monero for any of our custom software development, hosting and consulting services.

Our team has been supporters of blockchain technology, and our decision is a reaffirmation of that support. We are confident that Bitcoin, and popular altcoins like Ehtereum and Monero will continue to transform digital finance and payment infrastructure.

We know cryptocurrencies still have an important role to play in the democratization of finance. This move will make our services more accessible to our customers, providing them with additional payment options.

Why We Believe Crypto Is the Future of Money

Despite cryptocurrency’s volatile history, it’s clear these digital currencies are here to stay.

The largest companies in the Fortune 500, from Tesla, Walmart, Square, to the most recognizable banks are all investing in the broader cryptocurrency market and its underlying blockchain technology. /p>

The crypto markets continue to receive further legitimization through dedicated ETFs and the futures market. Meanwhile, 2021 also saw the IPO of the most popular cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase.

Learn More About Our Recent Decision

Have questions about making payments to Heitechsoft in Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Monero? Get in touch with our team today to learn more.

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