By tomheiber 09/28/2021

A Look Back at 2021

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A Look Back at 2021: What Happened at Heitech Software Solutions This Year

It’s hard to believe what we accomplished in one short year after our relaunch.

There’s no denying how busy and productive we’ve been since the official rebrand of Tom Heiber Consulting Inc. as Heitechsoft. This major initiative saw us take an entirely new direction that lets us focus more on in-house software development to help our clients reach their outcomes.

We see the many milestones we achieved as validation that the new focus and direction we have for Heitechsoft is the right choice for our vision of what this company can become.

So, what did we accomplish after our rebrand this year? Read on to find out.

A Year in Review: What Happened at Heitechsoft in 2021

From the very start of the year, our company had a lot of projects on the go. Here are just a few of the major accomplishments we achieved:

  • Full Scale Rebranding: Tom Heiber Consulting Inc. officially relaunched as Heitechsoft, introducing a new in-house software development focus and direction for the company.
  • Website Launch: The year officially started with the launch of our new website. Our new website featured a bold dark theme, futuristic styling, and perfectly captures the essence of Heitech Software Solutions.
  • Expanded Team by 200%: A company is nothing without the right teams behind it. 2021 saw us grow our team by 200%, adding new developers, designers, and other roles as we continue to expand.
  • Launched Our Accessibility Scanner Tool: In support of accessibility laws, we created a new accessibility scanner tool to help companies better understand where they stand when it comes to accessibility laws.
  • Partnered With NWI: A new partnership was formed with NeuronicWorks Inc. to develop the hardware needed to bring RevDash to life.
  • Built & Deployed Iris: We also deployed our cutting-edge, real-time IoT network Iris, which will be used to power RevDash and other IoT-ready solutions.
  • Completed Patent Assessment for Iris: The patent process for Iris is going according to plan. Initial assessments have been favorable.
  • Strengthened Relationships With Clients: Client relationships are the lifeblood of any business. That’s why we continued to invest in the partnerships we have formed with clients, including the launch of new initiatives.

Big Things Are Coming in 2022. Are You Ready?

2021 was a successful year for Heitechsoft in many ways. But, we’re beyond excited for what’s in store in 2022.

Stay tuned to learn more about our revolutionary IoT network, Iris, and to learn more about the ongoing development of RevDash.

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